Dominion of Keithieopia

A sovereign nation located in North America. Independence was declared on January 3rd, 2002.

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Emperor Dissolves National Assembly

25 Tresmar 22 IY
25 Mar. 2024

CROWNSHIRE, Keithieopia — After consultation with the Chancellory, Emperor Keith invoked his power to dissolve the National Assembly under Title VII Article 9 of the Constitution.

In last night's address to the nation, the Emperor expressed concern over the National Assembly failure to pass any legislation in over a year.

The timing coincides with the Dominion Enquirer exposé on possible embezzlement inside the National Treasury. We are told by sources close to the Emperor that he has been in a deadlock trying to request stricter financial legislation be passed.

It is my extreme displeasure to announce that I intend to dissolve the National Assembly should the Chancellory approve my action. Since the Nation will be operating without a legislative branch, I'm calling for an immediate election instead of waiting.

— Emperor Keith on Sepday

We are told the Emperor met with the Chancellory early this morning, who overwhelmingly approved of calling for the dissolution. The High Court is expected to issue a ruling regarding the timing of the election, since the constitution stipulates with-in a full month, but not how early.

The new Assembly's first legislation is expected to cover the temporary line of succession in the event of a dissolution so that more time can be given for an election in the future. The next legislation will most likely codify laws regarding the National Treasury.

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