Dominion of Keithieopia

A sovereign nation located in North America. Independence was declared on January 3rd, 2002.

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Slow Moving Vehicles

An act of the National Assembly to prevent highway congestion during peek hours


  1. This act applies to all vehicles that:
    1. Have more than 4 wheels, or
    2. Weigh more than 5 tons, or
    3. Cannot accelerate to 60 MPH in under 30 seconds
  2. This act does not apply to any emergency vehicles or tow trucks operating under the direction of an emergency service
  3. Vehicles under this act are prohibited from traveling between the hours of:
    1. On weekdays:
      1. 5am - 9am, and
      2. 3pm - 7pm
    2. On weekends:
      1. 7am - 8pm


Nihil Obstat, High Court of Keithieopia

Imprimatur, ⊗ /HIH Keith/
Emperor of Keithieopia

25th Unomar 21 IY ⇔ January 25, 2023 HY

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