Dominion of Keithieopia

A sovereign nation located in North America. Independence was declared on January 3rd, 2002.

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About Keithieopia

The Dominion of Keithieopia is an independent and sovereign state located in North America. It operates from a self-proclamed extraterritorial chain of islands. Its shores are several creeks of the Patuxent River in the State of Maryland.


Flag of Keithieopia First an autocracy, the founding ideals of the nation were developed mid-November 2002 on Jennifer Government: NationStates (the nation was considered a “Father Knows Best State”). The nation at this point was named simply Keithieopia and Keith named himself Benevolent Dictator.

Challenging Keith offline, founding fathers Allen Price and Justin Sloan encouraged Keith to form a proper code of laws for the nation. On January 3rd, 2002, Keith adopted such, officially and formally forming Keithieopia.

Empire Begins

On July 30th 2006, Keith formed the Empire of Keithieopia, after the nation outlived several smaller nations formed at Keith's school. Those nation's laws and ideals were adopted into the Empire's code of laws. The Empire at this point was an absolute monarchy with a very limited constitution.

Second Constitution

In 2010, As the nation's second constitution was ratified and the code of laws developed, a set of fundamental rights emerged. The Empire was rebranded as a semi-constitutional monarchy named the Keithieopian Realm, due to the sparseness of its land claims at the time: one in Virginia and one in Maryland.

Tragedy struck when the computer that housed the national documents was damaged in transit on route to the Maryland territory, resulting in a loss of the original constitution.

Current Era

On January 27th, 2021 with the signing of the current third constitution, the Realm became the Dominion of Keithieopia and a constitutional monarchy, limiting the Emperor's powers.

The nation acquired a new domain name, joined Microwiki, and started forming diplomatic ties in late December 2022.


Great care was taken to select land that was overlooked and not claimed by other entities. On December 19th, 2022 two small isles located (38.4430, -76.4859) and (38.4783, -76.5964) were identified. Again on December 24th, another isle was located at (38.6145, -76.5180).

After much research, the isles were confirmed to not be on any official map nor owned like many other nearby islands. Under customary international law, the doctrine of contiguity, and the 1958 Geneva Conventions: a new island would be a res nullius, or territory owned by no one. A res nullius may be claimed through occupation or discovery.

On December 22th, 2022 the Dominion of Keithieopia publicly and formally annexed the first two, naming them the Isle of Mar and the Isle of Jose. The third island, Ellen Isle, was annexed immediately after it was found. Split Isle lays in close proximity, just above Ellen Isle. Since Split Isle has rightful property owners, it was granted protectorate status.

Besides the claims to the Isles, the Dominion has two palaces. One is located in the Twin Beaches and is the Imperial Palace (7800 sq. ft / 2377 m2), the other is home to Duke Allen and Duchess Jane, the Emperor's parents (3 acres / 12141 m2). In total, the Dominion lays claim to 3.19 acres or 12927 m2 of land.

Isle of Mar - 175 sq. ft / 30 m2
Isle of Jose - 120 sq. ft / 11 m2
Split Isle & Ellen Isle - 320 sq. ft / 16 m2

Government Power Structure

The Dominion of Keithieopia is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The government is made up of the Emperor (head of state), the Premier (head of government), the National Assembly (legislative branch), and the High Court (judicial branch).

Citizens of the Dominion directly elect their regional representative to the National Assembly and the Premier. The citizens can also start a petition to recall any elected public official of the government.

The Premier exercises the executive branch of the government's authority. The Premier's authority is often delegated to various Ministries, which are made up of subject matter experts.

The Emperor is a mostly ceremonial position. The Emperor can propose bills, and in extreme cases, dissolve the National Assembly. The Chancellery acts as advisers to the Emperor, and is made up of members appointed by the other branches of the government.

Ministry People Emperor National Assembly Premier High Court Chancellery
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