Dominion of Keithieopia

A sovereign nation located in North America. Independence was declared on January 3rd, 2002.

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The Protectorate of Split Isle

  • Whereas there exists an unnamed isle located at (38.6151, -76.5180); and
  • Whereas that isle is split in half between two rightful property owners; and
  • Whereas that isle is in close proximity to the Ellen Isle; therefore
  • Resolved this isle is of direct interest to the Dominion; now let it be known:

I, His Imperial Highness Keith, first citizen of Keithieopia, by the will of the people, Emperor of the Dominion of Keithieopia, hereby name the isle: Split Isle. Should the owners choose a different name, the Dominion will respect such.

I grant protectorate status to Split Isle; the Dominion will aid Split Isle whenever requested by its owners while respecting the property owner's rights.


( Resolved 28th Keithmar 19 IY ⟺ December 24th, 2022 HY )

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