Dominion of Keithieopia

A sovereign nation located in North America. Independence was declared on January 3rd, 2002.

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Table of Contents

Public Safety

An act of the National Assembly to define elements of emergency services and matters of public safety.


  1. Emergency Vehicles
    1. Law enforcement and Fire/EMS vehicles shall not share same colored emergency lighting nor types of sirens
    2. The following colors shall be used for emergency strobing lights on vehicles:
      1. Yellow - Roadside Hazards including Construction Vehicles.
        1. No moving vehicles shall use any form of yellow lighting
      2. Red - Fire and Emergency Medical Services
      3. Blue - Law Enforcement
      4. White - May be used in conjunction with any vehicle described in this section
  2. Broadcast Media
    1. No radio broadcast or music played on the radio shall mimic:
      1. a emergency vehicle's siren
      2. a emergency alert or broadcast
  3. Civil Defense and Emergency Alert Sirens
    1. A nationwide program shall be established to create standardized alert tones. Sirens tones shall indicate what the populous should do and not of the event itself
    2. The following shall have specific sirens:
      1. Evacuation
      2. Shelter in place
      3. Seek Civil Defense Shelter
      4. Seek higher ground


Nihil Obstat, High Court of Keithieopia

Imprimatur, ⊗ /HIH Keith/
Emperor of Keithieopia

23rd Unomar 20 IY ⇔ January 23th, 2022 HY

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