Dominion of Keithieopia

A sovereign nation located in North America. Independence was declared on January 3rd, 2002.

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National Symbols

An act of the National Assembly for the adoption of certain symbols to stand for Keithieopia.


National Flag
Coat of Arms
  1. Music:
    1. National Anthem - “Our Country We'll Defend
    2. National March - “The Rowan Tree”
  2. Living Symbols
    1. Flower - Moonflower
      (Ipomoea alba)
    2. Tree - Weeping Willow
      (Salix babylonica)
    3. Bird - Emperor Penguin
      (Aptenodytes forsteri)
    4. Mammal - Western spotted skunk
      (Spilogale gracilis)
    5. Lizard - Common Five-lined Skink
      (Plestiodon fasciatus)
    6. Fish - Black Skirt Tetra
      (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi)
    7. Butterfly - Black Swallowtail
      (Papilio polyxenes)
    8. Snake - North American Racer
      (Coluber constrictor)
  3. The Realm's motto shall be “United in Mind and Thought”


Nihil Obstat, High Court of Keithieopia

Imprimatur, ⊗ /HIH Keith/
Emperor of Keithieopia

2nd Dosmar 20 IY ⇔ February 1st, 2022 HY

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