April 8, 2020

The easiest way to contact me is via my email address: [email protected]. Please use a sensible subject line so I don’t accidentally mistake your message for spam.


If you’re privacy conscious, feel free to encrypt any messages using my public key. If you prefer, my key is also available on, the fingerprint is:

46E6 9F69 90C1 DE8C 9791 88EE 94A4 E2D4 6B32 AA11

You can import it directly into GnuPG into your keyring by running the following:

curl | gpg –import -

If you’re wondering why I’m not uploading my keys to a public key server such as, the SKS software currently doesn’t support Curve25519 keys yet.


I use to be on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but not anymore. Nowadays you can find me on the following sites: