January 9, 2019

This website is maintained by Timothy Keith who is based out of Maryland, which in the United States of America. Content is written in markdown and everything is edited in Atom. Images are edited in GIMP and optimised using jpegoptim or OptiPNG.

Hugo statically generates the site. Version control and updating is done through git. An up-to-date clone of this site’s code is maintained at GitHub. Older iterations of the site can be seen in the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

The site is served by lighttpd running on Ubuntu Server. Encrypted connections (HTTPS) are made possible by certificates provided by Let’s Encrypt. The box is hosted by Linode in Newark, NJ and uses domain services from Gandi.

Besides Bootstrap and Font Awesome’s respective CDN s, Cloudflare is used to speed up loading times. StatusCake monitors the site’s performance and reports any downtime.

This site has never implemented any form of advertising. If you see such, you may be infected with malware. For the curious, the total infrastructure cost (hosting, domain name, bandwidth, etc) is exactly $133.62 per year.