How to Stop CVS Robocalls

August 10th, 2017

Recently we’ve started receiving numerous “refill reminders” from CVS for someone we don’t know. The inexplicable part is we’ve had the same phone number for several years; these calls just started out of the blue.

The number that calls is from a specific CVS pharmacy and not a generic corporate number. We called it back trying to remove our number, but the representative couldn’t find our number in their system. We where told to call the main 1-800-SHOP-CVS instead.

I admit this next part sounds completely made up: my wife got a busy signal 8 times after trying to dial that number. When the call did connect, we got the standard “all of our agents are currently busy” followed by elevator music. We gave up and called back… and got a busy signal.

Fortunately, I found someone else who had been dealing with CVS’s nuisance robocalling: if you call 1-866-514-4965 and say “more options”, then “opt out of reminders” you can stop the calls. You’ll have to talk to a computer to accomplish the task, but that’s preferable given the main number seems woefully understaffed.