Say Yes to the Dress Song

January 23rd , 2015

My wife is a fan of the TLC show Say Yes to the Dress. Knowing my Google-fu, she gave me the task of identifying the song that plays when the brides find their dress. It proved to be pretty difficult to find online even with part of the lyrics.

It’s a single called Eternal Love by Fish n’ Chips. iTunes was the only place I could find selling the song right now; here’s the link. For those wishing for confirmation, here’s the lyrics that are played during Say Yes to the Dress:

When you came down from heaven,
there was nothing else in sight.
The first time we went dancing,
you made me come alive.

I’m not dreaming,
what’s happing is called love,
this feeling is never leaving,
I’m thinking of,
is eternal love.

Despite the band’s clear talent, Eternal Love seems to be a one-hit wonder and the band doesn’t have an online presence. Not helping matters, many other bands go by the name Fish n’ Chips; I found four other ones in my search. One of the other Fish ‘n’ Chips has a Facebook page and had to explain to a rather enthusiastic TLC fan that they don’t sing Eternal Love even though the fan insisted that they did!