About Me

In grade school, I had a teacher that played a game called Rare Birds with each of her classes. The object was to silently write down three unusual facts about yourself that where not easily guessed. Once everyone was done, the teacher walked around and collected our slips in this ridiculously looking Dr. Seuss hat.

She then would pick one from the hat to read out loud, and we had to guess who we thought the three facts belonged to. After a certain number of wrong guesses, you won the highly prestigious and coveted title of Rare Bird, which included being able to write your name on the chalkboard for the entire school to see.

I’m fairly introverted and don’t like drawing attention to myself, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t win that Rare Bird title every marking period. In true to the phrase, “winning a battle but losing the war”, my name on the chalkboard caused quite a bit of unwanted attention and others hassling me for personal tips to assure their future victory.

My name is Timothy Keith and that is why I’m slightly uncomfortable whenever I see Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat on a bookshelf. So what where my facts?

  1. I am named after somebody
    I was named Timothy, after a friend of the family’s child, who was lost shortly after birth.
  2. I play the Bagpipes
    I play the Great Highland Bagpipes and Shuttle pipes. I use to play the Double Bass and occasionally I dabble with the Native American flute and Tin whistle.
  3. I have fish as pets
    I have a 40 gallon tank stocked with different Goldfish. Back in the day, my favorites included Black Skirt Tetras and Cory Catfish. Also, I currently have a red Betta in a smaller tank.